Hogtown Officers
We don't know why anyone would bother, but some people may wonder who has the stamina to lead this hearty pack of hogs. We heard that there are people who are looking for one or more of our fearless leaders...they might even want to try and send them an-e-mail, perhaps to sell them some miracle ingredient that will make their kraeusen bigger.

Primary Fermenter

Matt Neilson
e-mail: Matt
Secondary Fermenter

Mike Brock
e-mail: Mike
Chancellor of the Exchequer

Gina van Blokland
e-mail: Gina

Kevin Brown
e-mail: Kevin
Competition Czar

Lee & Ron
e-mail: Lee & Ron
Minister of Propaganda

Ron Minkoff
e-mail: Ron
Minister of New Blood

Kris Minkoff
e-mail: Kris