2022 Hogtown Brew-Off Rules

The Hogtown Brew-Off is an AHA/BJCP Sanctioned Competition, covering all BJCP styles as described in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines (we may collapse categories if necessary based on the actual number of entries). This competition is a qualifying event for the Florida Circuit - points accumulated at this event will be counted toward The Florida Brewer and Brew Club of the year.

Competition Rules

• Judging will be based on the 2015 BJCP Style Guideline revisions. If you are not yet familiar with the changes in this revision, please read the guidelines for your entry styles, as all required information must be provided.

• Most judges will be BJCP certified and any novice judges will be paired with experienced BJCP judges. Our goal is to provide the best feedback possible for your entry.

• Judges are encouraged to enter the competition, but will not be allowed to judge any category in which they have entries.

• The competition is open only to amateur brewers; commercial or brew-on-premise beers will be disqualified.

PLEASE NOTE: You may enter up to 3 entries maximum. Your registration is not committed until payment is received.

No refunds will be allowed after a registered entry is paid for. This includes clubs paying for members' entries that are withdrawn for any reason.

Only one entry per style subcategory.

• To minimize the need for pre-judging and allow a diversity of judges to evaluate all entries, we will cap total entries at 300.

• Each entry shall consist of three (3) bottles or aluminium cans

· Beer entries must be packaged at a volume of 10-16 oz

· Mead and Cider entries may be packaged at a volume of 6-16 oz

· Grolsch-type swing-top bottles, 22 ounce bombers, 750 ml bottles, or plastic bottles are NOT permitted

· All bottles must be capped with unmarked crown caps, ideally silver or gold, with no logos, prints, or bright color.

• Entries shall be free of identifying marks. Entries shall be free of all labels, including inked/painted labels (e.g Corona) or glued/taped paper labels

· Raised NO DEPOSIT, brand names, or manufacturing codes are acceptable

· All bottle caps should be single color, preferably silver or gold. Any logos or labels should be blacked out with permanent marker

• Entries shall have labels attached by rubber band – no glue or tape

· For bottles, labels will preferably placed around the bottle neck

This competition will NOT accept entries using AHA paper entry forms and bottle labels; you must use the electronic entry system, which automatically updates the competition database.

• All entries must be properly labeled using the bottle labels produced by the electronic entry system. If you forget to print out the labels when entering, you can print out labels with the information that you will receive via e-mail confirming your entires. Entries are $8.00 each.

• If you are shipping entries, please ship to:

4414 NW 8th Place
Gainesville, FL 32605

The Wild Boar Keg Competition Rules

• There is no entry fee for this category. Your beer, mead or cider is the entry fee.

• In fairness to all participants, and to keep the number of kegs - and volume of beer consumed - reasonable, we are limiting entries to one keg per entrant. We only want your best!

• The Wild Boar Keg Competition is a "popularity contest" judged by any Brew-Off participant in attendance; each participant votes for their top three entires. Fabulous prizes and a Hogtown Brew-Off Medal mounted to a tap handle will be awarded to the top three entries based on total points from all submitted score sheets; 3 points for a first place vote, 2 points for a second place vote, and 1 point for a third place vote.

• The event will take place outside during the BOS judging. We hope to wrap-up the Best of Show rounds in time for these judges and stewards to cast their votes as well.

• Lobbying for an entry is discouraged, and absolutely no lobbying will be allowed in the serving area.

To enter the Wild Boar Keg Competition Click Here. Tell us the beer style of your keg and indicate whether the entry will be in a pin-lock or ball-lock keg. Also tell us any additional info you think will be helpful to the judges evaluating the entries. This information will be reproduced on the Beer Menu/Scoresheet that will be given to judges during the competition.

• Keg-Only entries can be registered by Friday of competition weekend, but can be delivered to Igor the Cellarmaster the day of competition. 2.5, 3, and 5 gallon ball lock or pin lock kegs may be used for the entry and should contain at least 2 gallons of beer, mead or cider. Please bring your own picnic tap and gas disconnect, just in case we are overwhelmed with entries. We will provide C02, cooling, etc. to serve the entries.