Hogtown Brewer's E-mail List
An email list for the Hogtown Brewers has been set up on Groups.io, a community oriented mail list server.

Dues-paying members are automatically added to the list when they join the Brewers (you must be a paid member of the Hogtown Brewers to join our mail list group). Click here to join our club.

Please read all rules and guidelines before posting to the Hogtown Brewers Mail List:
  • As a general rule, post club-related or brewing-related topics only.
    • Occasional personal announcements or non-brewing related posts are okay, as long as they are of interest to the club as a whole and don't violate other rules.
  • Post in response to original thread topics or start new threads, but don't 'hi-jack' existing threads.
  • Avoid posting anything out-of-bounds or inappropriate
    • Nothing political or religious
    • No chain letters
  • Don't be blatantly offensive
    • No baiting or flaming
    • No slander or libel
    • No intolerance of any kind (racism, sexism, etc.)
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