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Excellent "How to Brew" Tutorial at
How To Make A Yeast Starter
Out of DME? Use Malta Goya to Make a Yeast Starter!
Using Gelatin as a Fining Agent to Clear Your Beer
How To Make Quick Dark Candy Sugar
Making Belgian Candi Sugar
How To Make Homemade PBW
How To Make & Use the Poor Man's Counter Pressure Filler

Homebrew Utilities and References
Hop Substitution Chart
Hop Union Variety Databook
Dip Hopping

Malt Chart
Grain to Extract Conversion
Beer Grains: The Complete Guide for Homebrewers

Fermentis Tips & Tricks: Active Dry Yeast and Fermentation Explained to Brewers
Yeast Strains (White Labs vs Wyeast)
Proper Yeast Pitching Rates and Starters
Yeast Starter FAQ
White Labs PurePitch Viability Chart
Step-up Starter Yeast Pitching Calculator
Yeast Rehydration Instructions

IBU to Gravity Ratios for Various Styles
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Water Knowledge
Gainesville Murphree Tap Water Mineral Report (2022)
Gainesville Murphree Tap Water Mineral Report (2015)
Gainesville Tap Water Report (2012)
Gainesville Murphree Tap Water Mineral Report (2010)

MeadMakr BatchBuildr
Yeast Nutrient Staggering Strategy for Mead

How to Build a Poor Man's Counter Pressure Filler
Carbonation Chart
Force Carbonation Calculator

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Oak Wood

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BeerSmith Brewing Software

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BYO Magazine
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