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Hosted by homebrew jockeys Ron & John, Homebrew Talk is a bi-monthly, sorta whenever we get to it, local Gainesville podcast about all things homebrewing.

Get your brew on by exploring the world of home brewing your own beer. You don’t have to be a pro to make amazing beer, mead, or cider. While touring the universe of craft beer and listening to some brew tunes, we’ll help demystify the art of zymurgy, get you up to speed on the array of beer styles out there, and explain how yeast proves the universe wants you to enjoy liquid bread. After all, this is beer science damnit!

Download Brewing With Kveik
A perfect episode as we travel to the land of the midnight sun where Hogtown's own Joe Gullett guides us to discover the secrets of Kveik, that hot and fast Norwegian yeast sensation you can pitch warm and complete fermentation within mere days (somtimes 24 hours!) and get a clean beer with no off-flavors. Super! Plus, some quirky beer news and another round of salty untappd reviews. I rate this description a 10!

Date: Oct 27, 2019      File Size: 89.72 MB   

Download Mixed Bag
Marking the 9th year of our podcast schtick, we have a mix of eclectic topics including tips on Brew-in-a-Bag (using a sous vide), some lessons learned at Homebrew Con, tricks for getting multiple batches out of one brew day, plus we're going to debunk a few interesting home brew myths. Not stopping there, we'll also walk through the glory of pastry stouts, and get the best ideas for blending after barrel aging or other treatments. But wait wait, you also get a heads up on the next big thing in hard beverages to hit your shelf. And finally, we top it off with a few salty untappd reviews. My name is Sous, how do you do!

Date: Jul 24, 2019      File Size: 102.51 MB   

Download Yeast Critters
We don our lab coats as Hogtown's own Food-Science-FM-Lead-Brewer-Guy Eric Dryer takes us down the science rabbit hole and discusses how to max your chance for a successful fermentation by looking at case studies of different fermentations w/respect to oxygenation, gravity, yeast strain, handling, the whole deal. Then, he scales it all down for practical use by the homebrewer. Safety goggles on!

Date: May 22, 2019      File Size: 90.97 MB   

Download Game On!
We pick up our buzzer, and a pint, and with the help of Hogtown-Trivia-Master Terrie Vasilopoulos, we go behind the scenes of the game show Jeopardy, which helps us segue into a round of beer trivia for all to play. Then, we check out the current state of diversity in the brewing world while we go over a recipe that placed in the Best of Show top 3 at a recent female only competition. We top that all off with weird beer news and some fan favorite salty Untappd reviews. The answer is: of all the homebrew podcasts out there, this is one of them.

Date: Mar 10, 2019      File Size: 94.30 MB   

Download Brewhouse Rock
Saturday mornings taught us pronouns, interjections, how a bill becomes a law, and the function of conjunction junction, so we're letting it further inspire us with some Brewhouse Rock to organize a variety of classes and labs. This includes adjusting your mead (post-fermentation) for sweetness and acidity, calibration of homebrew tools, kegging & bottling, and a number of entertaining blind tasting labs to show off your palate. All this, plus more salty Untappd reviews. Hogtown's own National-Dr-Other-Biologist-Guy Matt Neilson (along with Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla) joins us.

Date: Jan 9, 2019      File Size: 84.03 MB   

Download Field Trip To Europe
We're doing the European thing by bringing in Hogtown-Bandit Kevin True and discuss recipe formulation that went into some actual award winning Belgian and English brews that have recently been winning at area Florida competitions. Then, we give a trip report from a recent holiday in Munich where we got to bask in amazing German beer culture. Finally, we finish it all off with some salty Untappd reviews. Bleedin' Watneys Red Barrel not included.

Date: Sep 29, 2018      File Size: 87.24 MB   

Download Lessons Learned / Adambier
We take out our school box and learn some lessons from our trip to Homebrew Con recently held in Portland. Hogtown-Heavy-Lifter Chris Lever rejoins us to recount the experience. Lessons include flavor pairings, alt fermentation, brewing courage, spot on mead tips and more. We also throw in an extra lesson on expanding the number of styles & capacity of your brew kettle when doing a single batch. Plus, glorious Adambier! A forgotten style you'll get eager to check out. Smart stuff! You'll feel your brew IQ bump up a standard deviation!

Date: Jul 29, 2018      File Size: 82.61 MB   

Download World Beer Cup
There's a swagger in today's episode because we've got the back story of two spectacular brews that medaled bigly at the World Beer Cup. With an assist from Infinite-Head-Brewer-Guy Craig Birkmaier, we start off with a tasty robust smoked porter from Swamp Head, then pivot to a refreshing American blonde ale from First Magnitude. Both big medal winners, both brewed locally, and you get the recipe. No floppers in this episode, just World Beer Cup goodness.

Date: Jun 8, 2018      File Size: 83.23 MB   

Download Brewing in Westworld
If you've ever questioned the nature of your brewing reality, we're going to help you brew some violent delights. That's a promise. In fact, that's a golden promise. With the help of that Hogtown History Guy, the Minister-of-Memories, Dr. Allen, we're going to demystify that under rated malt known as Golden Promise. We'll then use it in a tasty multi-award winning British Golden ale recipe. Finally, as a bonus, we'll give you the secret to making your own homemade PBW cleaning powder. Freeze all motor functions and pay attention to that voice in your bicameral mind, we're brewing in Westworld!

Date: Apr 25, 2018      File Size: 74.62 MB   

Download My Stuff
If you've been homebrewing awhile, you find you start to collect a lot of stuff, including some toys for use after brew day for fermentation and conditioning. We bring in Hogtown-Heavy-Lifter Chris Lever to help us check out a few of those toys, including spunding valves and the Brew Jacket. We then throw in one mighty tasty and award winning recipe for that smokey style marzen called Rauchbier. Plus, an alternative method for warm dry hopping in the keg. Yeah, this is my stuff!

Date: Feb 25, 2018      File Size: 79.28 MB   

Download Recipe Formulation
There's a great homebrew batch waiting around the corner to be brewed by you. We just gotta put the right ingredients and process together. The art of recipe formulation is one of the keys, so we brought in special guest National-Dr-Other-Biologist-Guy Matt for a round table chat to help unlock those secrets so your best batch is always your next one. Additional Calgon not required.

Date: Dec 17, 2017      File Size: 97.22 MB   

Download Fast Heat, Big Numbers
Water slow to heat up? We speed that up by getting hooked up with a tankless heater thanks to advice from First-Mag-Sciencey-Biologist-Guy Arthur Rudolph. Next, you'll need all fingers and toes because we're going to check our yeast by counting cells (yea, homebrewers can do that!), and we'll do it in the most sciencey way possible of course. One Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell...Two Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell...Ah Ah Ah!

Date: Oct 4, 2017      File Size: 79.03 MB   

Download Brewing at Bob's Burgers
Oh my god! We're taking out the spatula and slinging some patties on the grill at Bob's Burgers where we muse about the right way to give out our homebrew (not straightforward as one would think). Then we brew up a batch of award winning creme ale to pair with the burger of the day on our plate, plus give some commentary when small independent burger gets bought out by Big Burger. Uh-huh. All that and a bonus barleywine experiment. All riiight!

Date: Jul 26, 2017      File Size: 82.34 MB   

Download The Pepper Show
This episode will bring a tear to your eye (and clear up your sinuses) as we take our favorite species of nightshade, aka chili peppers, and swirl them around in our homebrew (including mead and a spicy beer with chocolate and cinnamon known as a mole'). We'll come out with something a little more intense, but definitely extra tasty. Hot stuff coming through! Glass of milk not included.

Date: Jun 21, 2017      File Size: 72.88 MB   

Download Brewing Jujitsu II
We're back with a sequel to our Jan 2013 episode "Brewing Jujitsu" where we learned to gracefully recover from brewing trouble and side step mediocrity with some clever fixes for you to MacGyver. We've got some new moves to show you, so grab your gi, we're heading back to the homebrew dojo. Not just Phooey, it's Penrific!

Date: Mar 29, 2017      File Size: 82.04 MB   

Download Blondes Have More Fun
Put away the Clairol Nice n' Easy, we're going blonde with our brewing. To make that happen, we travel across the pond and dissect a terrific process for homebrewing our own tasty Belgian Blonde. Then we stay at home and do it west coast style with lessons from reformulating the hops in a favored local blonde brew. And for no extra charge, we even include a Nobel winning rock poet laureate's Blonde on Blonde prose in this podcast that has more fun.

Date: Dec 28, 2016      File Size: 73.06 MB   

Download Tools and Instruments
We're all trying to be good homebrew soldiers by taking good notes and good measurements. But there can be a frustration factor when your tools and instruments either aren't giving you a straight answer or a wrong answer, and that is mucking up your brew day. First, we correct ourselves and do the actual proper procedure to measure the pH of brew day liquids. Then we grab the rest of our measuring devices and get them calibrated the right way. Life is better when brew tools tell the truth!

Date: Oct 26, 2016      File Size: 84.12 MB   

Download Fruit and Gose on Homebrew Talk
The men of the square table never tried our fruit beer. Throw away the garnish and incorporate these botanical wonders into your brewing process to tap into a world of new flavors. That includes not only wheat beers, but also the salty goodness of other fruit friendly styles such as gose. We bring in special guest I-Fruit-My-Beer-And-You'll-Like-It-Hogtown-Nurse Jackie Rothberg to school us on the process, techniques and award winning recipes so you can make a proud tasty batch. Fruit and salt in your ingredient list? Yep. Homebrew Law!

Date: Aug 24, 2016      File Size: 55.29 MB   

Download Wisdom From Baltimore
We unload in the white zone and hop on an Airplane, but stay away from the fish, and head on a journey to Baltimore to seek wisdom at the National Homebrewers Conference. For our trip report, we unleash some of the wisdom learned from the many mead seminars, plus give out little gems of knowledge from some of the others. Also, special Hogtown guest Courtney gazes at the wide wonder of some fancy new brew equipment featured at the expo. We've got clearance Clarence, roger Roger.

Date: Jul 13, 2016      File Size: 61.16 MB   

Download NHC Caliber Pale Ales/Lagers
We're getting ready to head up to Baltimore for the National Homebrew Conference (or Homebrew-Con if you must) You can get to NHC by car or plane, but a more satisfying way is to brew a batch that medals in the first round and gets pushed to the finals. For this episode it's our good fortune to hook up with NHC-Bling-Gator-Brewer-Guy Jim Barrie, who has two years in a row of NHC bling in his pocket for pale ales and is in the finals for 2016 to make it a three-peat. Plus, upping your game with lagers. Big hops, big bling, and Go Gators!

Date: May 22, 2016      File Size: 40.67 MB   

Download Big Adventure w/Munich Dunkel
Not just a Pee Wee adventure, but a Big Adventure back to Munich, and today that means Munich Dunkel. We bring in Not-George-The-Other-Biologist-Guy Matt Neilson and we chat about the style, get a little bit of its history, but most importantly, reveal a very tasty award winning recipe. We like hearing all the details. You calling me a beer geek? I know you are but what am I?

Date: Mar 13, 2016      File Size: 50.59 MB   

Download Smoke and BBQ on Homebrew Talk
A tasty episode where we not only brew, but channel our inner pit master to make some very fine bbq to pair with our own home brewed smoked ales. We start the show with inspiration from some quirky, but friendly, BBQ Pit Boys. Then move on with smoked malt, do some alchemy, and create a delightful batch to treat ourselves. That's the pit master privilege!

Date: Jan 10, 2016      File Size: 54.64 MB   

Download Canning Starter Wort/California Common on Homebrew Talk
In this episode we bring in Hogtown's Mike-the-Homebrew-Physics-Guy to guide you on a technique that will help you be prepared not only for the next brew day, but for many brew days to come, and he'll do that by walking through how to can your own starter wort. Then, we'll take one of those jars and make us an award winning California Common (Steam) homebrew. Don't be a jerk, listen to this episode. We guarantee you won't hate cans!

Date: Nov 15, 2015      File Size: 56.95 MB   

Download pH, Properties of pH on Homebrew Talk
On this late night show, it's all about power of hydrogen, as in, little "p" big "H". We get an assist from Food-Science-First-Mag-Brewer-Guy Eric to define it, figure out how to properly set it for our water, mash, and fermentation, why that's important, and what happens if we dork it up. Also, tips on use and maintenance of the right tools to measure all that. You'll rate this show a 5.3!

Date: Nov 1, 2015      File Size: 54.51 MB   

Download Trouble Shooting on Homebrew Talk
In this episode we take care of issues before they become a problem in our homebrew, and if they are a problem, how to fix it for next time. We're talking about off-flavors and other beer faults because we don't want you tapping out of the hobby just because of some misfortune in your brew process that's correctable. Problems? That's not going to be good for beer. That's not going to be good for anybody!

Date: Sep 27, 2015      File Size: 52.44 MB   

Download Festbier and Packaging on Homebrew Talk
With special guest host Eric (from First Magnitude) we travel to Munich because it's almost time for a festival, and we're going to go brew an actual German festival bier (as opposed to what we typically brew in America). Then, we learn a thing or two about the pitfalls when transferring and packaging beer and the best ways to keep that precious homebrew fresh. Plus, a couple observations regarding propane fills, and "dry nibbing" with cacao nibs. Good day sir!

Date: Aug 30, 2015      File Size: 59.03 MB   

Download Joes to Pros II on Homebrew Talk
This episode marks our FIVE year anniversary on Grow Radio. Last year on our 4th anniversary show we did the original joes to pros episode with First Magnitude Brewing Company giving insight on the challenges of opening a brewery (prior to its opening). We now follow that up with how it turned out, lessons learned, and ponder if we knew then what we know now, so that homebrew jockey joes thinking of taking the plunge to go pro will be five steps ahead. Count on it!

Date: Jul 19, 2015      File Size: 56.84 MB   

Download French and Belgian, Part 1 on Homebrew Talk
Stay out of the Bastille and brew like it's good to be the king, including the style that's a farmhouse fan favorite, saison. We use a proven recipe to get us started, plus get further inspiration by looking behind the curtain of Saison du Swamp, the saison with an intense cult following brewed by Swamp Head. We then head a little further north for a sessionable Belgian pale ale, this time taking inspiration from a version that's a medal winner at the Best Florida Beer competition. It's good to be the home brewer.

Date: Jun 28, 2015      File Size: 55.48 MB   

Download British Invasion on Homebrew Talk
We're back in the saddle again in the Grow Radio studios. This time it's a British invasion. First we'll nick some ideas from the Fuller's brewery to make us an English pale ale that takes the biscuit. We follow that up with a recipe for a jolly good English Mild that's locally brewed, plus a special commentary on English barley wine. Tune us in for a chin wag!

Date: May 31, 2015      File Size: 48.20 MB   

Download Brew Long and Prosper on Homebrew Talk
We're serving up a buffet of different beer styles to brew, including Irish Red, Scottish Wee Heavy, and if you're a fan of sodium chloride, you're in luck as we brew an old german style known as Gose. All this, and more, while paying tribute to a favored sci-fi icon. BLAP!

Date: Mar 28, 2015      File Size: 48.71 MB   

Download Bee Keeping on Homebrew Talk
If you're a fan of mead, and zymurgy, you probably make your own honey wine. But what about making your own honey? We're curious folk, so we brought in Hogtown's Todd-the-bee-keeper-guy to fill us in on how to get started, equipment, applicable regulations, colony maintenance, selling your honey, bee keeping gotchas, and much more. Sticky stuff.

Date: Feb 19, 2015      File Size: 56.00 MB   

Download Making Wine on Homebrew Talk
We're always talking about brewing beer, and the occasional mead or cider, but you know, let's not forget about wine. After all, it too is zymurgy. Chris-the-Aleworks-Guy joins us in the studio to guide us on how to turn grape juice into the kind of lovely beverage that would make Dionysus smile. That's wine science damnit!

Date: Jan 29, 2015      File Size: 53.91 MB   

Download Brewing in a Bag on Homebrew Talk
If going full blown all-grain brewing isn't your bag, then stick with us. We're going simple. Cutting down the brew time, using less equipment, and needing less space. BIAB is our bag, baby!

Date: Dec 17, 2014      File Size: 55.02 MB   

Download Coffee and Spice on Homebrew Talk
Wake up and smell the podcast as the homebrew jockeys describe all the glorious ways for infusing coffee into your homebrew. Then, they figure out the best ways to season their brew with an array of spices and herbs, including breaking down an award winning basil creme ale recipe. All this packaged into a mountain grown podcast, the richest kind!

Date: Oct 29, 2014      File Size: 55.53 MB   

Download Get Smart with Gadgets on Homebrew Talk
Homebrew Jockeys eagerly embrace their inner nerd. Would you believe we get smart with brew gadgets, including the Thermapen, remote control outlet converters, vacuum sealers, handy calculators, epic stir/hot plates, finishing hydrometers, digital refractometers, and more? Makes homebrewing more fun by that much.

Date: Sep 24, 2014      File Size: 53.15 MB   

Download No-Chill & Plate Chillers on Homebrew Talk
Chill out, or don't! Be a heat miser and brew beer in a clutch with the no-chill method and save on time and water with less equipment. For you snow misers, we give the info you need and want for cooling your wort down with plate chillers. To-o-o much!

Date: Aug 20, 2014      File Size: 52.93 MB   

Download Joes to Pros on Homebrew Talk
Our 4th anniversary show features an epic topic for the daydreaming homebrewer: opening your own brewery! We sit down and chat with the co-owner/head-brewer of First Magnitude Brewing Company (Gainesville's newest production brewery) and go behind the scenes on what it takes to open the brewery doors. You know you're thinking about it!

Date: Jul 16, 2014      File Size: 61.77 MB   

Download Nitro Gas/Sour Beer on Homebrew Talk
Homebrew Jockeys are gassy....with nitrogen! We'll grab the equipment we need and walk through how to carbonate and pour our Guinness clone with it. Plus, we'll have a barrel of fun with sour beers and a Solera project. Burp!

Date: Jun 18, 2014      File Size: 58.97 MB   

Download Phoning it in on Homebrew Talk
Homebrew Jockeys phone it in by replaying clips of fan favorites and giving some behind the scenes inside scoop of your humble Homebrew Talk radio/podcast show.

Date: May 28, 2014      File Size: 53.88 MB   

Download Brewing with the Stooges on Homebrew Talk
Homebrew Jockeys are no stooges! We get down and dirty to get our lines clean, and give you ideas for homebrew club beer challenges that even the three blind mice can enjoy. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

Date: Apr 23, 2014      File Size: 48.93 MB   

Download At the Homebrew Store on Homebrew Talk
We take a trip down to the homebrew store, with the help of our guest Chris-the-Aleworks-Guy, and get some advice and brewing answers to many common questions customers tend to have. We also get out our microscope and get to know our friend saccharomyces cerevisiae a little better. What else do you want, free bowl of soup?

Date: Mar 19, 2014      File Size: 56.40 MB   

Download Office Space Homebrewing on Homebrew Talk
Get out your red stapler and attach your cover sheet to your TPS report. Didn't you get the memo? Your Homebrew Jockeys will be wearing 15 pieces of flair as we discuss brewing doppelbocks and the finer points of mashing so you can make homebrew that'll show your "O" face. Yeah, that would be great.

Date: Feb 26, 2014      File Size: 76.38 MB   

Download Best of Show on Homebrew Talk
Who are they, and what's happening behind that door when they judge best of show at a homebrew competition? We kick that door in and find out. Then, we take a little journey and check out how one needs to study to become a bjcp judge. That's gold Jerry, Gold!

Date: Jan 22, 2014      File Size: 70.96 MB   

Download Brewing Software - Lagers 101 on Homebrew Talk
At Homebrew Talk, the machines are rising and we're at DEFCON 1 evaluating the pros and cons of various brew software (including promash, beersmith, bru'n water, yeastcalc, and more) to help you choose which ones work best for you. Jack-the-homebrew-chemist-guy helps us evaluate. We then shift into a detailed primer on brewing with bottom fermenting yeasties to make lagers. Shall we, brew a beer?

Date: Dec 18, 2013      File Size: 84.74 MB   

Download Home-made Beer, Home-made Music IV - Cider Edition
A November tradition as cherished as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, we pair our homebrew with live music. This year we're making hard cider (using an award winning winter-warmer cider recipe), and giving critical lessons on avoiding rookie home brewer mistakes so you won't be a n00b. All this plus Gainesville's George "G-Man" Gomez playing live in the Grow Radio studio.

Date: Nov 20, 2013      File Size: 82.45 MB   

Download Breaking Bad with Homebrew on Homebrew Talk
We cook the good stuff as we do Heisenberg level science on sour beers and sanitizers, including demystifying the eternal question: is cloudy Star San safe to use or not? We don't have any meth making high school chemistry teachers around, but we do have biologist Master-Dr-Irish-Bad George as our guest this month. Yay beer science!

Date: Oct 16, 2013      File Size: 71.84 MB   

Download Good Beer, Good Eats on Homebrew Talk
We help you channel your inner Alton Brown with enlightenment on making beer can chicken, how to use spent grains in burgers, fried chicken, and pies; guidance on keeping your homebrew pantry stocked, plus a redux on pumpkin ale. Your patience, and your homebrewing, will be rewarded.

Date: Sep 18, 2013      File Size: 80.00 MB   

Download Brewing at Cheers on Homebrew Talk
We knock Cliff and Norm off their bar stool by putting our beer on tap with proper tubing and setup, do some interesting mead doctoring, plus explore that crazy world of beer cocktails and mixers as Homebrew Talk heads down to Cheers, where everybody knows your homebrew.

Date: Aug 21, 2013      File Size: 75.63 MB   

Download Aging and Cellaring on Homebrew Talk
Homebrew Talk is getting older, so for this 3rd anniversary show we have a chat about aging and cellaring your homebrew, plus, we're going to give a healthy strategy for feeding the yeast in your mead. But not before we quiz you with some BJCP brain games. Pay Attention!

Date: Jul 17, 2013      File Size: 73.50 MB   

Download Dazed and Confused on Homebrew Talk
Home brewing often leaves one dazed and/or confused so we are assembling at the moon tower to bring clarity to topics including water chemistry, how to stop fermentation, grain/extract conversion, proper yeast handling, and much more. That's what I'm talking about!

Date: Jun 19, 2013      File Size: 83.53 MB   

Download In The Brew Lab on Homebrew Talk
We don our lab coats and gloves and check your brain with brew experiments that showcase contributions of different specialty grains, another one for different dry hops, yet another for dry hopping versus whirlpool hopping. Plus easy experiments we can all do in our own homebrew lab. Beer science, it's good and good for you!

Date: May 15, 2013      File Size: 76.93 MB   

Download Goin' Mobile, Staying Fresh on Homebrew Talk
We are goin' mobile with our homebrew and learning about the right tools to do so, including carbonator caps, CO2 injectors, jockey boxes, even the party pig. Plus, the best in class ways to keep those unused ingredients fresh and in shape for the next batch. No thermos required!

Date: Apr 24, 2013      File Size: 81.70 MB   

Download Revenge of Beer Science on Homebrew Talk
Even if you are not a member of Lambda Lambda Lambda, we think you'll dig some epic beer science involving enzymes, mash optimization, the life cycle of yeasts, pros/cons of whole vs pellet hops, plus keeping your brew water in shape. Unlike the Alpha Betas, all we think about is beer!

Date: Mar 20, 2013      File Size: 83.18 MB   

Download Belgian Brewing on Homebrew Talk
Brother, there will be no vow of silence in this abbey as we talk about Belgian brewing, Belgian styles, and Belgian yeast. Plus, tips you will want to know when choosing your next chest freezer to do your fermentation. A miracle broadcast indeed!

Date: Feb 20, 2013      File Size: 78.95 MB   

Download Brewing Jujitsu on Hombrew Talk
Grasshopper-jockey, we will channel our inner chi and show how to use some brewing jujitsu to gracefully recover out of brewing trouble, including stuck fermentations, yeast starter issues, overly alcoholic meads/ciders, and more. Plus, proper assembly of your picnic faucet beverage line. Be beer my friend!

Date: Jan 21, 2013      File Size: 80.47 MB   

Download A Homebrew Story on Hombrew Talk
Better than an official red ryder carbine-action 200-shot air rifle, "A Homebrew Story" will inspire you with a wish-list of homebrew toys you'll crave, figure out how to get the yeast that keeps on giving by harvesting and re-pitching, plus tips so your beer won't shoot your eye out, or anything. Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra!

Date: Dec 17, 2012      File Size: 84.46 MB   

Download Home-made Beer, Home-made Music III, Boilin' in the Studio
We take a serious look at boiling your wort on our 3rd annual live music November show which also includes a DIY method to bottle from a keg using the poor man's counter pressure filler, plus the secret formula for a homemade glue you can use to put labels on your bottle that sticks well, but also comes easily off when needed. All this, plus the return of Gainesville's Boilin' Oil playing live in the Homebrew Talk studio at GrowRadio.

Date: Nov 12, 2012      File Size: 66.05 MB   

Download It's the Great Pumpkin Ale Charlie Brown
Get out of the pumpkin patch Linus! Discover the secrets of the Great Pum-King (and how to brew your own pumpkin ale), plus we demystify specialty grains. Good grief, good beer!

Date: Oct 15, 2012      File Size: 78.57 MB   

Download It All Comes Together on Homebrew Talk
We explore the art of blending homebrews, post fermentation, to create new flavors, improve an average batch, and even to save a batch that may have an off flavor. Then we focus on how to dial in and perfect that promising recipe you have. Plus, clearing your beer using gelatin. It all comes together.

Date: Sep 17, 2012      File Size: 78.99 MB   

Download Would I lie to you? on Homebrew Talk
Homebrew Jockeys expose some of the homebrewing advice we often hear, and just assume must be true.....until now. These include the necessity of racking, hot side aeration, use of aluminum pots, and more. Plus, taking dark grains out of your mash (is it worth your effort?). Fire up this episode and listen to the homebrew gospel!

Date: Aug 20, 2012      File Size: 79.89 MB   

Download It's the Wood That Makes It Good on Homebrew Talk
For our 2nd anniversary show, we roll out the barrel to, well, brew in it. Wood aging your beer, including the use of wood chips and cubes, plus a helpful tip on water pH. Indeed, it is the wood that makes it quite good!

Date: Jul 16, 2012      File Size: 78.19 MB   

Download Back to BJCP School on Homebrew Talk
Want to be a homebrew judge? The BJCP beer judge exam has recently been significantly revamped. Homebrew Talk will go "Back to School" to break it down for you, all while brewing up a refreshing batch of wheat beer for these hot summer days. No respect? You be the judge.

Date: Jun 18, 2012      File Size: 79.63 MB   

Download Out of this World Brewing on Homebrew Talk
Calibrating equipment, gotchas when changing technique, best ways to control that chest freezer temp, and putting the hog in your beer by sending pigs into space (....you heard me). Take a giant leap for homebrew kind. I can get behind that!

Date: May 21, 2012      File Size: 80.84 MB   

Download Super Sizing Your Brew on Homebrew Talk
A Really BIG Show! Imperializing your recipes, what to consider when upgrading from 5 gal to 10 gal batches, the joy of buying in bulk, how to get started bottling just one big bottle (aka kegging), plus Super-Sizing from a carboy to a conical. Just what the doctor ordered!

Date: Apr 23, 2012      File Size: 79.14 MB   

Download Shortening the Brew Day on Homebrew Talk
At homebrew talk we're usually not in a rush. But we don't mind moving along the brew day either, so we're giving out tips to make that happen, including the tools to make your process way more efficient. Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale!

Date: Mar 19, 2012      File Size: 81.62 MB   

Download Brewing with Ginger on Homebrew Talk
Stranded on an uncharted desert isle? Then sit right back and hear the tale of how to spice up your brew, and soda, with "ginger" so you have at least one single luxury!

Date: Feb 20, 2012      File Size: 68.85 MB   

Download Bender Brewing for Bling on Homebrew Talk
Ride along with the Planet Express crew to find out how to give your brew its best shot possible in homebrew competitions. Get the lowdown on making that eis (ice) beer you always wanted to do, plus we have a great process for stepping up your yeast starters. Kiss my shiny metal corney keg!

Date: Jan 16, 2012      File Size: 74.57 MB   

Download Willy Wonka and the Beer Factory on Homebrew Talk
Slugworth is not the only one interested in the secret recipe. Brewing with chocolate, blueberries, sour cherries, plus how to make your own Belgian candy sugar to give your dubbels and tripels the kick it deserves.

Date: Dec 19, 2011      File Size: 79.82 MB   

Download Home-made Beer, Home-made Music, Smokin' Redux on Homebrew Talk
Where there's smoke, there's homebrew...and live music... and turkey. Tips to smoke, and toast, your own malt, cooking with beer, plus Hogtown's own George Gomez playing live in the Homebrew Talk studio.

Date: Nov 14, 2011      File Size: 83.64 MB   

Download American Black Ales on Homebrew Talk
American black ales (good grief, what to call them and how to brew them), plus, adding on to your own Frank and Stein homebrew setup.

Date: Oct 17, 2011      File Size: 87.89 MB   

Download Clone Beers on Homebrew Talk
Not just seeing double, you're hearing double. How to homebrew clones of your favorite commercial craft beer, plus what really goes on behind the scenes at your favorite craft beer bar? Homebrew Talk doubles up with two of Gainesville's finest beer-tap jockeys from Alcove to find out.

Date: Sep 19, 2011      File Size: 87.09 MB   

Download Single Hop Brewing on Homebrew Talk
We're single minded in our exploration of the why and how of single hopped beer and homebrews, enlightenment of hop agriculture, character, best methods for storing, and all things dedicated to our favorite vine flower, humulus lupulus.

Date: Aug 15, 2011      File Size: 74.90 MB   

Download Full Circle with Cider on Homebrew Talk
We're going full circle for our one year anniversary show! Brewin' some hard cider, figuring out the wise ways of sustainability, and also, really, what's the bizarre deal with home brewing in Alabama?!! It'll blow your mind!

Date: Jul 25, 2011      File Size: 82.08 MB   

Download Man vs. Beer at Homebrew Talk
With this brutal heat, it's Man vs. Beer! Beating the hot weather with lawnmower beers, brewing a Kolsch style homebrew, and figuring out the best beer and food pairings. It's all about survival!

Date: Jun 27, 2011      File Size: 83.49 MB   

Download Brewing at the CaddyShack
Cinderella story, Maibocks, lagers, and homebrew carbonation, plus get answers to fan FB wall questions. But remember, gambling is illegal at Bushwood!

Date: May 16, 2011      File Size: 85.18 MB   

Download Blinding You With Beer Science on Homebrew Talk
Calculating hops in your recipe, strategies to clear your beer, designing the perfect pale ale....This is beer science damnit!

Date: Apr 18, 2011      File Size: 77.17 MB   

Download All Things Irish on Homebrew Talk
A trip to the Emerald island to explore all that is Irish, the best ways to brew a killer stout and irish red, plus how to treat your yeast right by understanding....pizza. Slainte!

Date: Mar 21, 2011      File Size: 79.62 MB   

Download A "Dynamite" Show on Homebrew Talk
Shall we talk about Dynamite homebrew? Maybe we will, Gosh! What happens at homebrew competitions, beer judging, Presidential Zymurgists, and more!

Date: Feb 21, 2011      File Size: 83.06 MB   

Download Getting Medieval on Homebrew Talk
The lessons of proper cleaning, Medieval beverages of Mead and Gruit (beer that uses herbs instead of hops), busting a parti-gyle theory, and more. Huzzah!

Date: Jan 17, 2011      File Size: 84.06 MB   

Download Barley Wine - a Festivus Miracle on Homebrew Talk
Barley wine, parti-gyles, cascade hops, aluminum poles, and more as we enjoy beer Festivus miracles!

Date: Dec 27, 2010      File Size: 85.31 MB   

Download Home-made Beer, Home-made Music on Homebrew Talk
DIY home brew tools, Indian Brown Ale, Gainesville's own Boilin' Oil playing live in the Homebrew Talk studio, plus, the real reason the pilgrims on the Mayflower docked at Plymouth Rock!

Date: Nov 15, 2010      File Size: 73.46 MB   

Download Halloween Episode of Homebrew Talk
Hop aboard the Mystery Machine as we tell tales of how to save your home brew from dark forces, demystify mashing for the partial grain brewer, plus reviews of devilish beers and more. Jeepers!

Date: Oct 18, 2010      File Size: 78.26 MB   

Download Oktoberfest on Homebrew Talk
A Bavarian good time covering topics including Oktoberfest (the festival AND the beer style), sanitation when brewing with fruit, brew news, and secrets to making great lagers. Prost!

Date: Sep 20, 2010      File Size: 70.08 MB   

Download Honey of a Show on Homebrew Talk
Some sweet topics covering all things Mead. Catch the buzz!

Date: Aug 16, 2010      File Size: 73.22 MB   

Download Maiden Voyage of Homebrew Talk
First show of the series. Homebrew topics include the legality of homebrewing, wheat beer (summer's favored style), homebrewing 101, brew news and more. Enjoy the Looney tunes.

Date: Jul 19, 2010      File Size: 87.68 MB